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RBB's latest EP sees them team up with a raft of collaborators. 

'Supernova' features the fiery lyrics of Franz Von, an outstanding rapper from our hometown of Sheffield, who brings the heat to this latin dub groover.

Alt-folk vocalist Sam Brookes takes the chorus on 'Thoughts, Prayers & Vitamins' - his unique vocal style has been compared to Bon Iver and Jeff Buckley, and he's performed alongside Basement Jaxx and Lucy Rose. 

Long-time friend Minimal Animal lends remix services to 'Totems' opener 'EAF', as well as writing duties throughout the EP. 

The EP was produced by Andy Thompson and Lazerbeak, Grammy-nominated producers who've worked with Taylor Swift, Doomtree and The Hamilton Mixtape. 

Mastering by Cosmic Trigger Audio

Artwork by Andrew Nesbitt


Throughout their 12 year career, RBB have released two studio albums, a special EP recorded live at Abbey Road Studios, and a remixes project with artists including Hugo Kant, Sam Redmore and Tall Black Guy.

The albums showcase RBB's signature sound - soaring brass riffs over big beats and incendiary lyrics - as well as features which take them in different directions, such as percussionist Guy Schalom and vocalist Gina Walters

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